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Conceptual Design

As the first phase of design, Kelly Architects shows an initial design direction through images and sketches based on our client’s visions and wants as well as the process, budget and physical requirements. Schematic Design: Through the refining of design ideas to incorporate specific locations and business models, Kelly Architects uses these drawings to show scale and relationship between integral components in the space. Our schematics can be an entirely new concept, a client’s specifications, or precedent studies of similar successful businesses.

Construction Administration

Kelly Architects provides construction administration services on all our projects to ensure compliance with the construction documents, assisting the client in the review of payment requests and change orders. As-Built services: Kelly Architects provides as-built services for clients who have not electronic plan files of existing buildings. Our proven systems of taking physical and electronic field measurement, photographic documentation and acute observation results in accurate plans that can service as the basis for design.

Food Service Process and Equipment Design

Kelly Architects provides comprehensive planning and detailing of the food and beverage equipment. Using extensive experience we design specific bar and kitchens to meet clients exacting needs while meeting all local Heath and building code requirements.

Site Design

Kelly Architects provides site studies of new development both commercial and residential. We research and provide determination of the property easements, setbacks, development limitation and other jurisdictional requirements.

Architectural Design

Construction Document

Lighting Design

Interior Design

To reach the visions of a client, the designers at Kelly Architects are responsible for furniture, fixtures, lighting, branding and signage. Often, these items are custom allowing Kelly Architects to create an item specifically designed for our client’s needs. Through 3 dimensional color renderings, colored floor plans, interiors, exteriors and material sourcing, Kelly Architects offers a comprehensive design direction for any aspect of an interior space. Construction Documents: Kelly Architects prepares detailed document in house for all our projects. We do not out-source our drawings. Each project is detailed as necessary of the construction and permitting of the design.

Conditional Use Permit Exhibits

For the processing of a CUP / CUB through most jurisdictions a specific series of drawings is required for the submittal to the local planning departments. Kelly Architects has prepared over 100 successful Exhibit A documents in the City of Los Angeles alone. The clarity and completeness of our documents contributes to expedited approvals. Revocable Dining Permits: For the processing of a side walk dining permit through most jurisdictions a specific series of site plan and table drawings is required. The clarity and completeness of our documents contributes to expedited approvals.

Landscape/Hardscape Design

Kelly Architects provides limited landscape and hardscape design where the client needs are simple in nature. And through our strategic alliances with several landscape architects we can match the right designer with the client to create beautiful and responsive landscapes that include low water use irrigation systems and drought tolerant planting. Mechanical Engineering*: through our strategic partnership with South Coast Engineering, we provide a full service mechanical engineering for such as HVAC systems and exhaust hoods.

Permit Expediting

With the myriad of various City, County and State building requirements, Kelly Architects has developed a process to expedite the approval process through early submittals, multiple submittals and strategic partnering with other entitlement and expediting professionals. Bidding & Negotiation: Kelly Architects offers our clients a proven and simple bidding process to ensure the most responsive and qualified contractor is selected. Drawing from our extensive network of qualified contractors we specifically select at least three contractors to prepare detailed bids for each project. Partial bid package for food service equipment, furniture, millwork and a variety of other specialty trades can be prepared for clients who want to contract direct with specific vendors. We also provide owner builder construction management services where the subs contract direct to the building owner.

Custom Furniture Design

Signage and Graphic Design

3D Rendering